Best online shop in BD

Mission:’s mission is to connect with thousands of vendors and consumers within Bangladesh, in order to create opportunity for everyone.


To make everyone’s lifestyle much easier by providing anything they want at their doorstep. Also not to create any bad impact on traditional vendors.

Objectives of

1. Provide your desired goods at your doorstep.
2. Create a marketplace where you can find anything you want.
3. To create an environment where you can find “win-win” deals.
4. To create a business environment where customer’s preference is important than anything else.
5. Not to create panic for traditional business’s because of online service.
6. To make it easier for vendors to communicate with the customers.
7. To create an environment where all the parties will be respected and appreciated.
8. Reduce the gap between customers and vendors/producers.
9. Make a marketplace which will benefit all the parties involved.
10. To make Bangladesh more flexible when it comes to shopping/ buying necessary stuffs.